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all-Glass railings look quite unusual. These types of structures differ in the way of fastening to the base of the stairs. Glass railings can be installed on stainless steel racks, or the glass itself performs the supporting function. In this case, it is fixed on a special aluminum profile, or on the so-called "points". Railing on the load-bearing glass is more difficult to design and their price is higher. Besides, if for a protection on corrosion-proof racks it is possible to use the tempered glass in the thickness of 6 mm, self-supporting designs are made only with application of cloths from 8 and to 20 mm. However, they are not less common than wooden or metal fences. To such a design successfully fit into the interior of a country house or a multi-level apartment, it is necessary to pay attention to important features. Previously, glass railings were mainly used in the atmosphere of clubs, restaurants, hotels and offices. Self-supporting glass railings for typical stair sections, open areas of the second light or balconies, in a complete set come to the object and as quickly as possible are installed on pre-prepared mortgage elements. The standard equipment includes a wooden railing with fixtures and intermediate reinforcement elements. Railings self-supporting on the points of the most practical. Large glass screens fences, give maximum visibility, and stainless steel points increase the rigidity of the enclosing structure. Designed for strength stainless point fasteners, eliminate the risk of falling glass under load. If the room is well lit, we recommend installing a railing with a thick lighted glass. It is more transparent than the standard material. Taking into account the technical features of the project, we use different methods of fixing glass railings for stairs. You can perform the attachment of the glass on aluminium profile, spot holders or minestone. In our article, we will focus just on those that are represented in the Russian market. Concrete stairs lined with wood and stair railing, produced on an individual project meet the established standards and requirements. So, standards regulate width of ladder marches which should not be less than 90 cm or more than 120 cm for marches which create vertical communications between floors of houses. This size takes into account not only the passage of residents to the upper floors, but also the passage of furniture

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